NanoSemi’s QuadTool provides a unique way to visualize the performance improvement that comes with NanoSemi’s DPD. You can drag the Bandwidth marker to a value that reflects your use case, and then select any combination of High, Medium, or Nominal Performance to explore quality vs computational resource tradeoff.


  • STEP 1: Drag Bandwidth marker (point on the top) to the desired value.
  • STEP 2: Mouse-over the other three points to display their values.
  • STEP 3: Click “Download” to save the current image displayed on the screen.
  • STEP 4: Click “Medium Performance” and “Normal Performance” on the lower right corner to explore the design tradeoffs.

Measurement Conditions:

  • Compensation bandwidth = 240𝑀𝐻𝑧
  • OPBO (Output Power Back Off) = 𝑃3𝑑𝐵−𝑃𝑂𝑈𝑇−𝑃𝐴𝑃𝑅
  • Computational Resource Utilization is provided relative to a reference FPGA design N

NanoSemi’s Performance Tool shows the improvement in linearity that NanoSemi’s DPD provides for a wide range of signal configurations and power amplifier output power ratings. Use the drop-down menus below to select your linearization scenario, and the Performance Tool will display RF spectrum plots and signal measurements demonstrating the results of linearization. RF spectrum plots are collected as part of comprehensive laboratory testing.


  • STEP 1: Select Duplex Mode
  • STEP 2: Select Band Configuration
  • STEP 3: Select PA Average Output Power
  • STEP 4: Select Carrier Configuration
  • REPEAT for other scenarios


Duplex Mode:
Band Configuration:
PA Average Output Power (dBm):
Carrier Configuration

[Carrier Configuration]
Parameter Value
Power output
Carrier Configuration
Carrier Frequency
Sampling Rate
Power Efficiency
ACLR Value
PA Topology
Duplex Mode