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NanoSemi - The Technology


DPD – Digital Pre-Distortion – The exploding need for higher data rates leads to more complex modulation schemes and higher bandwidth requirements challenging radio design engineers to optimize for efficiency and linearity. NanoSemi is offering a solution based on a unique approach to known DPD techniques that addresses nonlinearity and other impairments in the entire signal chain from DAC to PA in transmitters and from LNA to ADC in Receivers.

CFR – Crest Factor Reduction – LTE and the underlying OFDM signals come with high peak to average power ratio requirements and the demands are increasing with the trend to carrier aggregation. NanoSemi’s CFR technology operates in the sweet spot of highest data rate and power consumption – or EVM and PAPR respectively – close to the theoretical limits.

PPC – Post-processing compensation is a proprietary NanoSemi technology based on an efficient characterization process for nonlinear devices managing all real life situations including but not limited to 3GPP wideband signals, GSM, multitone and the combination of those.



NanoSemi - The Benefits

Optimized Linearizer tailored for Output-Power, Processor Resource, ACLR and Bandwidth

Temperature Stability – maintains ACLR over temperature

Technology and Supplier agnostic

Insusceptible to Memory effect, DC biasing, aging, load changes and Vdd variations

Supports MC-GSM, WCDMA and LTE and the combination of those

Enabling Smart Carrier Aggregation

Achievable ACLR improvements within noise floor of the transmitter signal chain allowing the use of Highly Integrated Transceivers resulting in lowest System Cost

NanoSemi – The Products

Linearizer for Transmitter and Receiver (LTR)

Our linearizers are designed to address nonlinearity and other impairments in the entire signal chain for transmitters and receivers.

  • Achievable ACLR: within noise floor of transmitter
  • Accurate system identification allows compact and stable implementation
  • Guaranteed stability with bounded adaptation

Customers can tailor their designs to find the sweet spot between power and performance.


Post Processing Compensator (PPC)
NanoSemi’s proprietary PPC is designed to linearize components and systems like digitizers and receivers. Customers are able to push performance limits with an unmatched time to market.


Evaluation Platform
NanoSemi Inc develops custom evaluation platforms based on standard FPGA, Transceiver and Power Amplifier boards. The Evaluation Platform contains the LTR tailored to the customer configuration and a GUI to support different signals and waveforms.

Blockdiagram Tx Rx