MyDPD™ Evaluation Platform

A Complete Evaluation System for the NS-WBLEP 100-## Family of Products


With the MyDPDTM Complete Evaluation System, radio system designers can evaluate NanoSemi’s breakthrough wideband linearization with a custom power amplifier (PA) testbench. MyDPD uses:

  • NanoSemi’s family of wideband linearization products (Part Number: NS-WBLEP 100-##) NS-WBLEP 100-## is a crest-factor reduction (nsCFRTM) and digital pre-distortion (nsDPDTM) package allowing customers to linearize a wide range of PAs.
  • NanoSemi’s nsGUITM Evaluation Tool The nsGUI is a user-friendly graphical interface into NS-WBLEP 100-##, with controls for running linearization tests and choosing custom LTE waveforms.
  • Xilinx FPGA and Analog Devices transceiver products The Xilinx Zynq FPGA connects with the Analog Devices ADRV9371/ADRV9375 RF transceiver board, providing a ready-made interface between myDPD and the user’s PA testbench.


NanoSemi Inc. Evaluation platform NS-WBLEP 100 – ##, for Analog Devices AD 9375/AD 9371


The NS-WBLEP is a wideband crest factor reduction (nsCFR) and digital pre-distortion (nsDPD) evaluation solution allowing customers to linearize a wide range of Power Amplifiers. NanoSemi’s robust and flexible implementation has been verified with Doherty and Class AB power amplifiers implemented in GaN, LDMOS, GaAs, and CMOS technologies. nsDPD has a rapid adaptation time that allows sharing of an observation path among multiple transmit channels while maintaining performance.

The NS-WBLEP 100 with AD9375/AD9371  and ZC706-2 is an evaluation platform for radio system designers to make first-order design trade-offs.

The NanoSemi Wide-Band Linearization Evaluation Platform will work with the Analog Devices AD 9371 and AD9375 Eval.Platform and PA demo-boards from various vendors.
The ADI platform consists of:
Analog Devices ADRV9371 or ADRV9375 Evaluation Platform
  • Part Number: ADRV9371-N/PCBZ (narrow tuning range 1.8 GHz to 2.6 GHz)
  • Part Number: ADRV9371-W/PCBZ (wide tuning range 300 MHz to 6 GHz)
  • Part Number: ADRV9375-PCBZ
Xilinx ZC706-2
  • Part Number: EK-Z7-ZC706-G


NanoSemi User Friendly

iBW = 100MHz


GaN, LDMOS, GaAs PA Capable

LTE bands 1.8 to 3.6 GHz

Multiple Carrier Configurations

The NS-WBLEP 100 family offers three linearizers for different power levels

PA Examples


Manufacturer Power Amplifier Semiconductor Technology POUT NS-WBLEP 100-36 NS-WBLEP 100-43 NS-WBLEP 100-50
Skyworks SKY6629x-11 GaAs HBT 28.0dBm ✔ [Test Report]
Skyworks SKY66293-21 GaAs HBT 28.0dBm
Skyworks SKY66288-11 GaAs HBT 28.0dBm
Mitsubishi MGFS39G38L2 GaN 34.0dBm
Qorvo QPA3503 GaN 35.0dBm
NXP A2I25D025N LDMOS 37.0dBm
NXP A2I35D025N LDMOS 37.0dBm ✔ [Test Report]
Qorvo QPD2730 GaN 45.6dBm
NXP A2G22S251 GaN 49.1dBm ✔ [Test Report]

Reference Material

The documentation contains NS-WBLEP datasheet. Please refer to respective documentations of Xilinx and Analog Devices for additional information regarding their hardware. MyDPD Evaluation GUI is the driver to the NS-WBLEP to use nsCFR and nsDPD.


nsDPD™: NanoSemi’s Digital Predistortion IP

nsCFR™: NanoSemi’s Crest-Factor Reduction IP

NS-WBLEP™: NanoSemi-WideBand Linearizaton Evaluation Platform (nsCFR + nsDPD)

MyDPD™: A revolutionary linearization evaluation system comprised of NS-WBLEP, ADRV 9371/5, ZC706

Pricing and Order Information

  • Select the NanoSemi Linearization Product(s)
  • Enter your order information in the web form
  • Create Order Form and submit to
  • After receiving the invoice / payment
  • Receive the Linearizer (SD card)
  • Install GUI
  • Extract FPGA DNA and send to
  • Receive Activation Code
  • Enter the activation code in the GUI
  • Start Evaluating!
NS-WBLEP 100 – 36
NS-WBLEP 100 – 43
NS-WBLEP 100 – 50
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