Evaluation Platform


NanoSemi Inc. Evaluation platform NS-WBLEP 100 – ##, for Analog Devices AD 9375/AD 9371


The NS-WBLEP is a wideband crest factor reduction (nsCFR) and digital pre-distortion (nsDPD) evaluation solution allowing customers to linearize a wide range of Power Amplifiers. NanoSemi’s robust and flexible implementation has been verified with Doherty and Class AB power amplifiers implemented in GaN, LDMOS, GaAs, and CMOS technologies. nsDPD has a rapid adaptation time that allows sharing of an observation path among multiple transmit channels while maintaining performance.

The NS-WBLEP 100 with AD9375/AD9371  and ZC706-2 is an evaluation platform for radio system designers to make first-order design trade-offs.

The NanoSemi Wide-Band Linearization Evaluation Platform will work with the Analog Devices AD 9371 and AD9375 Eval.Platform and PA demo-boards from various vendors.
The ADI platform consists of:
Analog Devices ADRV9371 or ADRV9375 Evaluation Platform
  • Part Number: ADRV9371-N/PCBZ (narrow tuning range 1.8 GHz to 2.6 GHz)
  • Part Number: ADRV9371-W/PCBZ (wide tuning range 300 MHz to 6 GHz)
  • Part Number: ADRV9375-PCBZ
Xilinx ZC706-2
  • Part Number: EK-Z7-ZC706-G


NanoSemi User Friendly

iBW = 100MHz


GaN, LDMOS, GaAs PA Capable

LTE bands 1.8 to 3.6 GHz

Multiple Carrier Configurations

The NS-WBLEP 100 family offers three linearizers for different power levels

PA Examples

Reference Material

The documentation contains quick start guide, NS-WBLEP documentation, and documentation on how to use the GUI

Please refer to respective documentations of Xilinx and Analog Devices for additional information regarding their hardware

nsGUI is the driver to the NS-WBLEP to use nsCFR and nsDPD

Pricing and Order Information

  • Select the NanoSemi Linearization Product(s)
  • Enter your order information in the web form
  • Create Order Form and submit to sales@nanosemitech.com
  • After receiving the invoice / payment
  • Receive the Linearizer (SD card)
  • Install GUI
  • Extract FPGA DNA and send to support@nanosemitech.com
  • Receive Activation Code
  • Enter the activation code in the GUI
  • Start Evaluating!
NS-WBLEP 100 – 36
NS-WBLEP 100 – 43
NS-WBLEP 100 – 50
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