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15 Dec

NanoSemi Inc in EE Times 60 Startups to Watch

And whereas IoT was flavor of the year in 2016 then in 2017 it is machine learning and open-source hardware. It has also been revealed that venture capitalists have returned to investing in hardware startups — and that tends to mean big money — preparing to ride the next wave of computational architecture and performance……. […]

20 Sep
MyDPD AD9375

NanoSemi MyDPD – IBW100MHz for AD9375 / AD9371

The NanoSemi NS-WBLEP 100 is the first Evaluation Platform of the MyDPD family by NanoSemi build upon the Ananlog Devices AD9375 and Ad9371. The NS-WBLEP 100 utilizes the Analog Devices AD9375 / AD9371 Evaluation Board (ADRV9375-N/PCBZ or ADRV9371-N/PCBZ or ADRV9371-W/PCBZ) that connects via FMC connector to the Xilinx ZC706 board (EK-Z7-ZC706-G) available through their distribution […]

07 Mar
NanoSemi, DPD, Linearization, Test Equipment, Power Amplifier

Litepoint partnering with NanoSemi on DPD for Power Amplifier test solutions

LitePoint is partnering with NanoSemi to provide a new Adaptive DPD for zSeries PA/FEM test solutions within the zScript test executive. Adaptive DPD is an innovative DPD technique with learning capabilities; a training step automatically optimizes the DPD algorithm for each specific Power Amplifier (PA) architecture. LitePoint’s existing DPD algorithms are most effective for […]

16 Feb

200MHz Wideband Linearization of a GaN and a LDMOS PA

Enjoy our latest video where Kevin Chuang from NanoSemi Inc. demonstrates our compensation technology achieving 200MHz iBW with dynamic multi carrier configurations on a GaN and a LDMOS PA. See for yourself NanoSemi’s best in class compensation technology at work. For any questions and suggestions please contact us at

08 Feb

NanoSemi and Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute (HHI) Demo at MWC

  Multi-band/ Multi-carrier demonstration with a linearized Power Amplifier NanoSemi and HHI are demonstrating a linearization solution for a multi-band/ multi-carrier use case. Using a single wide-band power amplifier and Fraunhofer Institute’s eight-channel 61.44MSPS TRx module (NAMC-SDR), NanoSemi demonstrates operating four or more of 5MHz (or higher bandwidth) LTE carriers across 400MHz, spanning from 2.3GHz […]

11 Oct

NanoSemi, N.A.T. and Fraunhofer HHI at NGMN Industry Forum: Massive MIMO SDR Demonstration with Linearized Power Amplifiers

At NGMN Industry Forum (10th NGMN Industry Conference & Exhibition), NanoSemi, a startup focused on digital signal processing for RF and mixed signal components, N.A.T., a leading supplier of embedded boards and systems based on open standards, and the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, Heinrich Hertz Institute, HHI will demonstrate a solution for energy efficient transmission for next-generation 5G […]

31 Aug

NanoSemi, Inc. at IEEE Boston Event

Mark you calendar for October 18th, 2016 Digital Predistortion System and Demo, by Dr. Kevin Chuang of NanoSemi, Inc. DPD System Architecture and Consideration Real-Time DPD Demonstration Traditional Linearization based on Static DPD and Generalized Memory Polynomials NanoSemi’s Ultra-Wideband Proprietary Linearization Benefits of NanoSemi’s Linearizer For more details about the event go to IEEE Boston