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11 Oct 2016 NanoSemi, N.A.T. and Fraunhofer HHI at NGMN Industry Forum: Massive MIMO SDR Demonstration with Linearized Power Amplifiers At NGMN Industry Forum (10th NGMN Industry Conference & Exhibition), NanoSemi, a startup focused on digital signal processing for RF and mixed signal components, N.A.T., a leading…
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IEEE Boston
31 Aug 2016 NanoSemi, Inc. at IEEE Boston Event Mark you calendar for October 18th, 2016 Digital Predistortion System and Demo, by Dr. Kevin Chuang of NanoSemi, Inc. DPD System Architecture and Consideration Real-Time…
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Demo 5W GaN PA cover
21 Jun 2016 5W GaN PA Wideband Linearization 100MHz iBW Watch the video where Kevin Chuang from NanoSemi Inc. demonstrates our compensation technology achieving 100MHz iBW with an integrated transceiver with 250MHz compensation bandwidth and…
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Ericsson 5G Workshop 2
08 Jul 2016 Helen Kim, CEO of NanoSemi, Inc., presents at the 5G North American Workshop The 5G North American Workshop was held on June 14-15 at Ericsson’s offices in San Jose California. 5G North America Workshop The 5G North American…
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